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First we remove any décor and nails from the wall. We prep the wall by taking care of any patches and unwanted screws to make it smooth. Once the wall is ready we prime and paint using two coats of paint for long a lasting finish.

Drywall repair

Upon request, we can do drywall repair. First we start with sand and cleaning the damaged area. Once we have installed the new drywall we prep the area to being the painting process.

Doors & Baseboards

We sand down any imperfections and then prime and paint.


We prep the cabinet by removing the doors and hardware. Next we clean and sand the surfaces and then apply the primer-sealer. Once it is dry we apply the paint and let it dry so that we can put it back together.

Trim repair

We start off by thoroughly cleaning the area. Then we prep by sanding and scraping damaged areas. Next we stain spots that have scratches and apply the finish.



We prep the area by pressure washing, repairing any damaged areas, cover doors, windows and lights and remove any loose paint. Once the exterior is ready we prime and paint. Lastly we paint the trim and doors.

Stucco repair

We prep the area by removing damaged or loose stucco. Once the area is ready then we apply the first coat of stucco. Next we lay the second coat, which we smooth out to get ready for the final coat that we texture. Depending on the customer we will paint the finished product.


First we check to see if the deck is damp. If it is dry, we prep the area by removing any loose paint, dirt and furniture. Then lightly sand down the area. Once we have made sure that the area is clean and dry we prime and paint. If needed, we apply the second coat once the first coat is dry.


First we check to see if the deck is damp. If it is dry, we prep the area by removing any loose paint and then lightly sand down the area. Once we have made sure that the area is clean, dry and clear of any furniture or plants we prime and paint. If needed, we apply the second coat once the first coat is dry.

Unpainted brick

We start off with powerwashing the area, which cleans and removes any imperfections. Once the brick is ready we prime and paint the area.



It is easier to choose your color by looking at what décor you already have in your room or what décor you plan to put. If you have a red rug, then choosing a warm undertone color like off white or soft brown will keep the balance of the room.

Understanding Undertones:

It is a good idea to keep in mind the difference between cool and warm undertones. Colors such as yellow or red will have warm undertones, whereas colors such as grey, green or blue have cool undertones. Warm colors are said to create a more cozy and intimate environment, which will make your home feel more inviting. Also, warm colors bring feelings of happiness and energy. These warm colors are typically put in big spaces, like living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. Cool colors are more calming and promote relaxation and rest. These colors can give a sleek and sophisticated feel to the room. Cool colors are typically put in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms.


A crucial factor for each room is the lighting, whether it be daylight or the lighting from the bulbs in that room. Your lighting will affect where everything is positioned. When considering your paint color think about where natural light from your windows will shine, and where your artificial lighting will affect.


Neutral colors can amplify the décor in your room.
Agreeable Gray SW 7029
Alabaster SW 7008
Shoji White SW 7042
Natural Linen SW 9109
Accessible Beige SW 7036
Alpaca SW 7022
Light French Gray SW 0055
Balanced Beige SW 7037
Repose Gray SW 7015
Snowbound SW 7004


Click on the link below to play with different colors and house they would look on your designated wall area.

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High Quality Residential & Commercial Painting Since 1985

Anyone can paint a house but at Gomez Painting we strive to help create an environment that our customers can call home. We know that the work we do is going to be part our customers’ everyday lives. A place where they come to relax and build memories in. That is why we take our time especially in the beginning. We want your vision to come to life.

We are a local residential painting company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We cover areas in Southeast Louisiana. We use Sherwin Williams brand paint, which is the best paint in the industry. If you are looking for experienced professional interior and exterior house painters Gomez Painting LLC is the right fit for you.

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As an employee of Gomez Painting I have enjoyed that we are able help people create a beautiful foundation of color for their homes. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on their face after they see the final product. –Isabel

Client Since 1995

I liked that John and his team took their time and listened to what I wanted. The painters were polite, started on time and never left a mess. I am happy with the work. Would recommend them to anyone. –Lisa Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client Since 1995

I have been working for John for the past 8 years. It is great having a boss that cares about his employees and keep open communication. We do quality work and I know it shows. –Daniel

Client Since 1995

Gomez Painting finished my house within time and budget. His guys know what they are doing and I would definitely suggest them for anyone I hear is looking to find painter. –Steve Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Client Since 1995

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